Performances from the 1st audition of the 11th Dream Concert – Brazil

Hora do show!

It’s show time!

Wassup, guys?  Enjoying your week?

Last Sunday, February 24, the 1st audition of the 11th Dream Concert took place at Bom Retiro, São Paulo!

The judges were:

Kong Yong Gu, CEO of CSM (Judging as audience)

Bio, Secretary of CSM (Judging as audience)

Daniel In, Chief of HANARO newspaper (Judging the performance) 

Lisa Um, President of KPOP STATION website (Judging the lyrics) 

JUNG SAM KIM, JS Studio Musical Producer (Judging the voice)

Greice Kelly, President of YOUNG STEP (Judging as audience) 

Alexandre Maeda, CSM guest (Judging the dance)

The audition was very interesting! As you may be able to see on the videos bellow, the judges asked the contestants some questions before their performance and some of them were even asked to sing a bit of another song or to repeat the chorus of the song!

Check out the videos!

First we had the singing performances.

The first was Layla Moreira Lima singing That Woman, from the drama Secret Garden’s OST.
Than we had Nam Do Kim singing Sur Phun Ba Bo from Kyung Hun Mim.
Afterwards Giovanni Han Lee sang Ne Yo ja la ni ka.
Samuel Lucas Alves de Souza Silva sang Dreaming from Su Hyun.
Then Thamires Caló sang Mi Chin Go Ni from Ji Eun Song.
Wrapping up the singing part of the contest, Mina Suh Choi sang Mystic White – Marmeid.

Then it was time for some dancing.

Two dance cover groups performed at the 1ª audion:

The group SWEETY NINE danced So Won ur Mar Heba – SNSD

Then the group TWO MOONSKPOP danced Catch me – DBSK
What did you think of them? Which one was your favorite?
Cheering for someone? Check out some photos!

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