N Seoul Tower! Teddy Bears skyhigh!

Seoul Tower

Seoul Tower

If you walk some minutes from Myongdong Station you can reach Namsam Tower, aka Seoul Tower.

It is Seoul’s symbol tower one of the places to visit.
I went there with friends who showed me the place around.
To reach the tower, you have to take a cable car, reaching reeeaaally high, for the tower sits right on the top of a mountain.
My friends love heights and got excited! I’m not a fan, so I was happy when we finally arrived.

Buy you tickets here!

Visão lateral

View from the side.

The view from the foot of the tower is amazing. Ther are coffee shops, restaurants and an area for cultural exibitions. We saw some people with traditional garments. They seemed to have been transported from a drama like Dr. Jin or Sungkyunkwan Scandal, showing fighting styles with swords and spears. At the end of the show they stopped to take pictures with the public.

We also saw some strange trees made of… Locks!! fans of the drama Boys Before Flowers know it well!
Couples go to the tower and put their locks there with love messages, so they can be together forever.


Wonderful garment!

Wonderful garment!

Devia ter feito pose de guerreiro!

Waaaarior! Huh!

Já pensou numa dessa para o natal?

How about one for X-mas?

Mensagem :3

Love is in the air!

Even on the fence!

Even on the fence!

Coração! XD

❤ Saranghae

We entered the tower, on the first floor there is a Teddy Bear Museum! All kinds of teddies, most of them showing a piece of the history of South Korea.

 The elevator went fast, soon enough we were at the highest part of the tower.
As soon we had a look at the view, my friends Yeojin pointed and said: “TOP lives around there!”

It was the coolest thing to see Seoul from above there! It’s incredible to think that all the Idols that created and sang the songs I love so much, lived down there!
Inside the tower had walls made of glass with names of famous cities written on them.
I was quick to find Rio de Janeiro! My homeland! Suddenly I missed home!
Eles se mexiam!

They can move!

Este mexia e falava!

This buddy can move and talk!

Perto (?) de casa!

I’m home! (?)

Até o banheiro tinha  avista incrível!

What a view even from the toilet!

Teto de espelho!

The ceiling is a mirror!

Invejosos dirão que é montagem -_-"

No Photoshop here -_-“”

Here is some footage I made at the tower:
When you visit seoul, don’t forget to include Seoul Tower on your list of must go places 😀 !
Até a próxima o/

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