Fun in Myeongdong!


Of all the places I visited in brief trip to Korea, one of my favourite places was certainty Myeongdong. For those who never heard of Myeongdong, it is a very good area for shopping! It has many famous stores, such as UNIQLO, Forever 21, H&M, Addidas, Fubu … In addition to the famous brand stores, it has many other smaller shops that sell lots of cool stuff! The place is pretty empty in the morning, many of the stores open after 11 AM, even in the middle of the week. It starts getting full of people by midday. After 1 PM the place is already packed .

At the very end of the afternoon several street vendors begin to appear, selling hats just like the ones owened by idols and even CDs and DVDs of K-pop! Of course, there are also some K-Pop realated stores! CDs, DVDs, posters, lightsticks, notebooks, and all kinds of stuff with your favorite idol’s picture and name! If you intend to visit Myeongdong, here’s a tip: The cheapest stores are at the underground shopping mall, connected with the Myeongdong subway station, close to exit 6. Some stores give special gifts if you buy above a specific value.

One interesting thing is that each of these shops have “their own idols”. When one is an idol in Korea, one does not only sing and dance, but also appear in all possible advertisements.

Look at that them all! How cute!

Nickhun was the poster boy of this Glasses store!


This store had… snail products !!


Suju waits for you here!

Quero esse perfume!

Lucky girl…!


Hi TOP *_*!

Hi again TOP *_*

But what really caught my attention in Myeongdong were the makeup, skin care and beauty products stores!


Yoona and my Prince *_*

Looks like an entrance to a Magical World!



I wanna live there!

How much to rent the second floor?

Etude House, Holika Holika, Nature Republic, The Body Shop…. And Many others! There were several shops of the same brand in the same area. 2 Holika Holika, 3 or 4 Etudes… and so on! The employees were by the door announcing the offers and trying to swallow inside the biggest number of customers possible. Many tried to call the attention of the foreign customers speaking in Japanese or Chinese.

Usually when you enter a store like these you get a basket and a small present (can be a facial mask, a sample of cream, etc).

Another great place of Myeongdong is the K-Story coffee shop.


For those who are unfamiliar, this coffee shop is owened by Heechul’s sister (he is one of the members of Super Junior), sister. The place is excellent! Is all decorated with K-pop stuff. There are clothing used in performances, acoustic guitars and autographed posters, even a screen with clips and performances. The employees are super friendly and always chat with you! I went there about 3 times and the conversation was always great!

While you enjoy your coffee with sandwich (best sandwich that I ate in my whole life OMG O_O!!), you catch on what’s new in the world of K-pop. Lots of Super Junior too, of course! This place is really a must go! Please go there ELFs =D!!

Cool stuff for sale!

Kara’s clothes! “Hey! Mister!”

Myeongdong is a little piece of Seoul that for sure is worth a visit!

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See you next time ~!

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